Posted BY: Kathleen Brush

As one would expect, Hakeem Jeffries, the first Black minority Speaker of the House, denied his history as a racist. Like many blacks, he may believe he can’t be a racist because blacks don’t have the “power to effectuate their prejudices,” or when blacks slur whites, they aren’t slurs because they’re truisms to achieve equity. Jeffries’ position highlights why American anti-racism programs won’t be successful until they eliminate that mindset and, instead, encourage blacks to be honest about their racism.

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Black economist Walter Williams said: “Racial discrimination and racism in our country could have earned a well-deserved death, but it has been resurrected by race hustlers and poverty pimps as I call them, such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton… who make a living on the grievances of blacks.” If Williams were still alive, he would have a longer list of well-known race hustlers, like Hakeem and several other senior people in Washington.

In 2013, Hakeem was asked about his overtly racist and anti-Semitic Uncle Leonard Jeffries. He said he had only a vague recollection of Leonard’s controversial positions. “There was no internet during that era.”

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