Speaker Pelosi bowed to her radical wing on Wednesday.

Instead of passing a resolution to condemn Democrat anti-Semite Ilhan Omar, the Democrat leader will rewrite the resolution to omit Omar’s name. Now the resolution will include bigotry and prejudice of all kinds.

Apparently, their need to be inclusive and politically correct trumped the need for the truth.
What a disgrace.

GOP Jewish Rep. Lee Zeldin weighed in on the Democrat Anti-Semitism.

Republican Zeldin called out Zeldin for not being tough enough on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic comments.

On Wednesday night Sean Hannity blasted Democrats for failing to pass a resolution to condemn anti-Semitism.

Hannity dissed Pelosi for bowing to radical lunatic Ocasio-Cortez.

Sean Hannity: It’s pretty safe to say that the real Speaker of the House for Democrats is Ocasio-Cortez. It’s NOT Nancy Pelosi. She’s calling the shots.

Via Hannity: