Rumors swirl vice minister of State Security fled Beijing in February with information that sparked Biden u-turn on COVID origins

Source: Daily Mail

A senior Chinese spy catcher could have defected to the United States and informed Washington DC about what is going on inside the Wuhan lab, according to rumors on Chinese social media.

Dong Jingwei is believed to have fled to the U.S. on February 10 with his daughter, according to rumors cited by Spy Talk

Dong was a vice minister of State Security, meaning that his defection, if confirmed, would be the highest ever from China.

He is believed to have told U.S. officials about the situation in the Wuhan lab, from where the COVID-19 virus may have emerged – causing the Biden administration to take the ‘lab leak’ theory more seriously.

He was, from 2018 until his defection, responsible for the ministry’s counterintelligence efforts in China, according to Spy Talk. 

Dong was previously he was head of Hebei provincial department of state security, in charge of the area surrounding Beijing.

His defection was reportedly brought up at the highly-contentious meeting in March in Alaska between Anthony Blinken, the Secretary of State, and his Chinese counterparts. 

Dr Han Lianchao, a former Chinese foreign ministry official who defected after the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, tweeted on Wednesday that Dong’s defection was discussed, Spy Talk said.  

Han alleged that China’s foreign minister and Communist Party foreign affairs chief demanded that the Americans return Dong. 

Blinken refused, Han said. 

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