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The congressional midterm elections are thankfully over.

Predictions of a red wave, including yours truly, didn’t materialize. Instead, it was more of a pink trickle with the GOP flipping the House. The Senate is still up for grabs, with the best outcome for the GOP being a 50-50 split, depending on the Georgia run-off results.

Red wave predictions made sense at the time, given President Biden’s unpopularity and incompetence, leading to a declining America. This includes 40-year high inflation, a recession, open borders, energy shortages, supply chain disruptions, World War III simmering in Ukraine, and a woke culture ruining the lives of children and families.

By comparison, President Obama, in his first term midterm election in 2010, oversaw his party being shellacked. In those elections, Republicans gained seven Senate seats and 63 House seats.  Obama presided over a better economy, was somewhat competent, and certainly more coherent and charismatic than Biden, yet if this year’s midterms were any referendum on Biden, he outshined Obama.

How did this happen? And in an eerily similar fashion to the 2020 elections. Has the Republican Party learned anything in the past few election cycles? Or have voters voiced their preference for a personal and national decline over prosperity, choosing to make America weak rather than strong?

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