Posted BY: John Green

Merrick Garland has dropped any pretext of the DOJ being anything other than the enforcement thugs of the Democrat party.  He is showing us the depth of his department’s corruption and daring us to do something about it.  His hubris may be shortsighted.

Have you ever heard the Friedrich Nietzsche aphorism, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”?  Does Donald Trump look like a dying man — or one invigorated by the prospect of combat?  Have Joe Biden and Merrick Garland thought this indictment through?  Have they not learned that when attacked, Donald Trump emerges stronger?  Was turning Donald Trump into a martyr for the cause of freedom and justice their best idea to keep him away from power?

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I’ve come to believe that many of God’s blessings are not immediately recognized as the gifts they are.  I had a serious heart problem that went undiscovered until I caught COVID.  The disease didn’t cause the problem, but it did reveal it — before it killed me.  My unpleasant dance with the bat flu was a blessing that saved my life.

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