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Hawaii Governor Josh Green has issued a grim warning about the ongoing search operation in Lahaina following the devastating wildfires that razed the town. He anticipates that the search teams will discover ’10 to 20′ bodies daily over approximately ten days. The current death toll stands at 96, but the search efforts have only covered a mere 3 percent of the designated search area, as reported by Maui officials. Governor Green expressed his concerns regarding the tragic findings resulting from the intense blaze, stating that the severity of the fire has made it challenging to identify victims.

The destruction is so extensive that buildings have been obliterated, and even metal structures have contorted beyond recognition. He emphasized that the area is likely devoid of survivors, with the number of missing individuals decreasing from over 2,000 to 1,300 due to communications among survivors.

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Despite not having an official list of missing persons, a resident named Ellie Erickson has compiled an online spreadsheet with about 1,200 names labeled ‘not located.’ Search efforts involve using 20 cadaver dogs and numerous searchers meticulously combing through the ash-covered remains of the town. Jeff Hickman, director of public affairs for the Hawaii Department of Defense, explained that the search is progressing street by street and building by building.

The devastating fire swiftly engulfed the historic Lahaina and destroyed nearly all structures in the town of 13,000 inhabitants. Green expressed frustration over reports indicating that the emergency warning system failed to alert residents as the fires rapidly approached promptly. He emphasized reviewing the system to understand its shortcomings and improve future responses.

Green stressed the natural disaster’s magnitude, with wind speeds of 60 to 80 miles per hour fueling the rapid spread of the fire. He noted that swift evacuation efforts were crucial in mitigating casualties due to the ferocity and speed of the blaze. As Lahaina and its surrounding areas grapple with the aftermath of the unprecedented wildfires, the collective efforts of search teams, officials, and the community continue in hopes of bringing closure to affected families and understanding the extent of the tragedy.