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Monkeypox may spread during sexual contact, UK health chiefs now believe.

Government scientists are probing whether sex could be one of the drivers of the current spate of cases.

The rare tropical disease was known to spread via close contact — but it had never been linked to sexual intercourse. 

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So far seven Brits have been diagnosed with the virus and six are thought to have been infected in the UK, in a sign it is spreading in the community for the first time.

Four of the cases are in gay or bisexual men, who are now being urged to be extra vigilant for new lesions or rashes.

Experts at the UK Health Security Agency claimed the pattern of spread is ‘highly suggestive of spread in sexual networks’.

MailOnline revealed earlier today how sexual health clinics have reintroduced social distancing amid fears about the outbreak.

At least one practice in London had already brought in stricter infection control measures yesterday, including a one-metre rule in waiting rooms.