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TRAGEDY struck a family in the US over Christmas when their teenage son suffered a medical emergency during a family dinner and suddenly died.

Dylan Ricciardella, who was a junior at Guyer High School, a public high school situated in the city of Denton, Texas, in Denton County, USA, died suddenly on Christmas Eve while he ate dinner with his family, according to reports on Wednesday, January 4.

A GoFundMe page for the Ricciardella family noted that Dylan had to be airlifted by helicopter from a very remote area after the teenager passed away during a Christmas Eve family meal.

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It added: “The loss of Dylan for the Ricciardella family is so difficult to bear, let’s help them out with the business of hosting beautiful celebrations of life for their family and friends who love them so much.”

The page said that the cost of the air ambulance was “in excess of $25,000 (€23,602).”

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