Source: Richard Moorhead

The murder of a Washington DC delivery driver was caught on camera on Friday, with two teens attacking Mohammad Anwar with a stun gun after stepping into his car and accelerating. Anwar was killed in a following crash, with the youths driving the car as he fought to stop them.

Pedestrians were seen standing around as the teens took off in the stolen vehicle, with a loud crash occurring within seconds. The teens stealing the car had attacked Anwar with a taser device. The car ultimately flipped on its side after the thieves tried to get away.

Anwar’s family is describing the Pakistani immigrant as a hard-working family man. A GoFundMe for the family’s expenses in the aftermath of his death has raised almost $200,000 on their behalf.

The two charged assailants are 13 and 15 year old girls from Southeast DC and Maryland. Law enforcement has confirmed they’ll face felony murder charges in the aftermath of the killing.