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  • The Supreme Court has issued 18 opinions so far this term, with rulings in 40 more cases expected to be released before the end of June. 
  • The most consequential cases on the 2022-2023 term docket, including ones on affirmative action and religious accommodations, are yet to come.
  • Other cases deal with compelled speech, Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, social media companies’ liability, First Amendment issues, and EPA water regulations.
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Among the dozens of opinions yet to be released by the Supreme Court this term are cases on affirmative action, compelled speech, and social media companies’ liability for content posted on their platforms.

To date, the Court has released 18 opinions, issuing rulings that enabled those facing complaints from administrative agencies to press constitutional challenges in federal court and allowed a death row inmate’s request for a DNA test to proceed. But opinions in 40 more cases are expected to be released before the end of June, including some of the most consequential cases on this term’s docket.

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