Posted BY: Emerald Robinson

I just obtained Kari Lake’s lawsuit — filed in Arizona’s court system — and it names Katie Hobbs, Stephen Richer, and Bill Gates (among others) as defendants.

The lawsuit is 70 pages long and full of enough blatant election corruption and government malfeasance to make even a communist blush.

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Here are the nine most important sections from the lawsuit — for your reading pleasure.

  1. There were hundreds of thouands of illegal ballots counted in Arizona’s midterm elections — in Maricopa County alone.

  1. Almost 60% of Maricopa County’s voting machines failed on Election Day —that’s not a statistic you’ll see reported in our corporate media.

  1. There is no way that 59% of Maricopa County’s voting machines stopped working on Election Day by accident — and one day after being tested.

  1. Between November 9th and November 11th, Maricopa County suddenly discovered more than 25,000 additional ballots that needed to be counted. That’s suspicious because Katie Hobbs supposedly beat Kari Lake by 17,000 ballots — according to the certified results.

  1. Those 25,000 ballots magically appear in time to help Katie Hobbs — courtesy of a mysterious election contractor named Runbeck Election Services.

  1. An employee of Runbeck has testified that early vote (EV) ballots arrived without proper chain of custody paperwork — which is required by law.

  1. A prominent cybersecurity expert who tests voting machines for a living has provided a sworn declaration that the widespread equipment breakdown in Maricopa County must have been caused intentionally. He also confirms that some of the components of Arizona’s voting system are not certified — which violates Arizona law.

  1. Maricopa County officials like Stephen Richer were involved inserious conflicts of interest.

Katie Hobbs — in her official role as Secretary of State — was busy censoring her political opponents too.

9. At least 16 voting stations in Maricopa County mixed together uncounted ballots with already counted ballots — and they did so intentionally.

Needless to say, Arizona’s midterm elections were an international embarrassment — and yet further proof that our constitutional republic has been replaced with a tyranny.

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