Posted BY: Jim Hoft

On Tuesday night, the House Rules Committee on Tuesday voted to advance the McCarthy-Biden Fiscal Responsibility Act.

The 9-majority and 4-minority committees voted 7-6 to advance the bill with Reps. Chip Roy and Ralph Norman voted against the measure. “House Rules Cmte approves rule to govern floor debate on debt ceiling bill tomorrow. The vote was 7-6. Roy and Norman defected Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) votes yes on the rule. Reps. Chip Roy (R-TX) and Ralph Norman (R-SC) were nays,” Fox News Congress reporter Chad Pergram reported.

The full House of Representatives will vote on the bill Wednesday night.

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Scott Perry on Tuesday left open the possibility of filing a motion to vacate and get rid of McCarthy if the Speaker pushes through the debt deal.

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Under new House rules, it only takes one member of Congress, from either party, to bring a ‘motion to vacate’ which forces a vote on removing the Speaker of the House.

It would only take a simple majority vote to remove McCarthy.

So far, 35 Republicans are a “no” vote on the Biden-McCarthy scam debt bill.

Below is the list of Republicans who agreed with the “We the People.”

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