Fox News recently reported something that should have garnered a lot more attention, but hasn’t. Get ready for it – Hillary Clinton is officially DONE.

“She’s not running for president,” John Podesta, the chairman of her 2016 campaign, told CNN. He dismissed an earlier report that she was considering a run as ­“media catnip,” adding for emphasis: “I take her at her word. She’s not running for president.”

“Now, taking Clinton at her word is the definition of dicey,” the Fox News writer added.. “…but this time is different because it’s not as if she has much choice. Clinton quit the 2020 race before she was fired.”

For whom the bell tolls, It tolls for thee.

The liberal media can finally hear the funeral dirge, friends. In the wake of the #metoo movement, Hillary wouldn’t be able to survive the political backlash that would come now that her husband’s sexual misbehavior is coming to light.

From Business Insider:
As a national spotlight focuses on sexual assault and harassment following a flood of accusations of misconduct against dozens of prominent men in Hollywood, the media, and politics, Democrats and others on the left are beginning to reexamine their response to the allegations against Clinton.
Now, most leftist media is not going to tell the truth about why they’ve moved on. Most, like The Hill, for instance, will say something like the following:

Former Hillary Clinton campaign strategist Adrienne Elrod on Monday dismissed rumors of Clinton launching another presidential run, calling them a “pipe dream.”

“It’s silly. It’s a pipe dream. I mean, look, she’s made it very clear that after this last run she’s done,” Elrod, who served as Clinton’s strategic communications director, told Hill TV’s Buck Sexton and Krystal Ball on “Rising.” “It’s time for new faces to come in,” she added.

They went on to say:

“To be honest with you, I don’t know that a run this time around would yield a first- or second-place finish. I think there’s a lot of new people in the party who are stepping forward. I think we’ve got a very deep bench of strong candidates and she knows this,” she said.

Elrod went on to say if she was asked, she would advise Clinton against launching another bid for the White House.

“I would advise against her running, not because I don’t think she’s qualified. Of course she is, but I think that she knows it’s time for faces and new leadership to step forward.”

So who are all the new face and leadership that are drooling at the chance to have Hillary give them an endorsement?

(CNN) The race to court Hillary Clinton has begun.

The former secretary of state and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee has talked about the 2020 election with Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Cory Booker, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, according to two sources close to Clinton, and there are plans for her to talk with other contenders.

Yes, it looks like they’re all lining up to snatch supporters in hopes of defeating the ever-popular Trump. Regardless, it sounds like Hillary is FINALLY bowing out.

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