Posted BY: J.D. Rucker

Many Republicans were shocked Sunday when 20 Senators announced they’d put together “bipartisan” gun control legislation that would be supported by all 50 Democrats and the 10 Republicans necessary to defeat the filibuster. But some of us had expected this because we know how Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell works. He’s been pushing for gun control for decades and now, in the wake of mass murders across the country, it looks like he’s finally getting it.

Ever the master manipulator, McConnell didn’t lean on some of his usual suspects of reliable Uniparty members such as Lisa Murkowski. Instead, he pulled from a very specific list of RINOs who all had one trait in common. As Daniel Horowitz noted:

They made sure that no Republican involved in the gun control crap is in cycle. This is what a party that hates you does. But you will continue to be fooled by Republicans and Fox News and enjoy the show

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Any Republican who votes for the bill will get toasted during the midterm elections. McConnell knows this. He’s fully aware that the vast majority of conservatives oppose gun control and the GOP will need conservatives on election day if they have any hopes of retaking control of the Senate.

Here are the RINOs who have betrayed the party and the nation on orders from McConnell:

  • John Cornyn
  • Thom Tillis
  • Roy Blunt
  • Richard Burr
  • Bill Cassidy
  • Susan Collins
  • Lindsey Graham
  • Rob Portman
  • Mitt Romney
  • Pat Toomey

Four of them — Tillis, Blunt, Burr, Portman, and Toomey — are all retiring. The rest will have 2-4 years to make voters in their state forget their betrayal.

Some think Mitch McConnell’s sway over RINO Senators is limited to election control, but it’s far worse than that. He holds sway over their futures well beyond Capitol Hill, which is why any McConnell-endorse Republican should be booted.