Posted BY: Matthew Impelli

Conway, who previously served as an adviser to Trump, recently spoke at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast event and was asked about Trump running again in 2024 and what he would do if he was to win the election.

“I think Donald Trump wants to run for any number of reasons. First of all, he is as sad and disappointed, and frustrated as apparently the majority of the country, according to all the polls…We are not energy independent, we don’t have a humming economy, we don’t have less than 2 percent inflation, it’s 8.1 [percent], we don’t have border security…We don’t have satisfaction among job creators, job seekers, and job holders,” Conway said. “People feel less secure financially, physically. Less secure at the border, less secure around the globe.”

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“Donald Trump feels ‘I did it the first time and I can do it again.’ And if he runs a binary choice election, he certainly can prevail. If he just reminds you of life under President Trump and life under President [Joe] Biden and sticks to those binary contrasts on the record, he’s got a good story to tell….The reason he wants to run is he thought he would still be there,” Conway added.

The remarks by Conway come ahead of the upcoming midterm elections, where the Republican Party could potentially retake control of the Senate. A recent map published by Real Clear Politics showed that Republicans are likely to win in Arizona, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Georgia. If the Real Clear Politics map turns out to be true, Republicans will retake control of the Senate with a 54-46 lead.

While Trump has yet to officially announce a 2024 bid for the White House, he has continued to make hints at a possible run. “We’ll be making a decision very soon,” the former president said at a campaign rally in Arizona, The Washington Post reported. “I think everyone’s going to be happy, I really do.”

Conway made similar comments last month during an interview with CBS News when she was asked if Trump has signaled that he plans to run again.

“Well, he would like to,” Conway said. “He’s as active as anybody in these midterm elections….We have a president, a current president, whose party doesn’t really want him to campaign with them.”

“I will tell you why he wants to run for president—Donald Trump wants his old job back,” Conway added.