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In a remarkable turn of events, an armed Texan intervened to stop a violent assault at a BBQ restaurant in Centerville, Texas. On August 14th, an aggressive individual identified as Kevin Craig Anderson from Houston entered Woody’s Smokehouse and began harassing customers, an incident captured on surveillance footage. The situation escalated when Anderson attacked an elderly man, beating him to the point of unconsciousness inside the restaurant’s restroom. A courageous patron rushed to help but was also assaulted by Anderson. This second individual, possessing a valid concealed carry license, acted in self-defense and shot Anderson twice, effectively stopping the assault.

The wounded Anderson fled the scene and was later found in his vehicle on a highway shoulder. He was transported to St. Joseph Emergency Room in Bryan and subsequently to Hermann Memorial Hospital in Houston for treatment. Both the elderly victim and the armed interventionist were also taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital. The Leon County Sheriff’s Office stated that no charges would be filed against the individual who shot Anderson.

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The incident underscores the importance of swift action and self-defense when lives are at risk. Law enforcement’s quick response and the armed bystander’s courageous intervention were instrumental in ensuring the safety of everyone involved. Diana Wood, co-owner of Woody’s Smokehouse, expressed gratitude for the community’s support and the efficient actions of law enforcement. She emphasized the power of prayer and the role it played in protecting those present during the altercation.

The case is under investigation by the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and Texas Rangers, highlighting the seriousness with which the authorities are treating this incident. This event serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of situations and the potential for ordinary individuals to step up and prevent harm through their actions.