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High blood pressure is underdiagnosed and yet when it is diagnosed it is often over-treated. In most cases, however, it is a relatively simple problem and I know from the many letters I’ve received from readers that it can be treated very successfully without drugs.

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There’s a good deal of confusion about blood pressure. But although it is a complicated process it’s actually simple to understand.

In order to survive and thrive, the tissues and organs of the human body need regular supplies of fresh blood. It is the blood that brings the oxygen and other essential foodstuffs without which the tissues would die, and it is the blood that carries the many waste products that are made. To travel around the body, through a complicated network of arteries, veins, and capillaries, blood has to be kept under pressure. It is, of course, the heart which maintains that pressure and it does this through regular, rhythmic pumping.

Under normal circumstances, several factors affect the pressure at which blood travels around the body. First, there is the heart pump itself. If it is beating unusually rapidly or with exceptional force then that will obviously increase the pressure on the blood. Second, there is the size of the blood vessels, and in particular the muscular walled arteries. If the bore of an artery has been narrowed by muscular contraction then obviously the blood will have to be put under greater pressure for it to travel through the artery. Third, there is the amount of blood in the body. If the number of blood increases for some reason then the pressure will rise: if the amount of fluid falls then the pressure will fall.

Changes in the world around you can alter your blood pressure considerably. If, for example, you are being chased by a mugger then your body, recognizing that your tissues need larger amounts of oxygen to cope with the crisis, will raise your blood pressure. This temporary variation will help you to stay alive. Once you have escaped from the mugger your blood pressure will go back to normal. Such a temporary change in blood pressure is acceptable and useful. It can, quite literally, help save your life.

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