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Biofire is selling a high-tech handgun that only unlocks and shoots in the hands of an authorized user whose identity is verified via fingerprint or facial recognition technology.

The 9mm “Biofire Smart Gun” is powered by a rechargeable battery that the company claims will allow for several hours of continuous shooting or can power the gun “for several months with average use,” according to a press release.

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“Biofire’s Guardian Biometric Engine integrates state-of-the-art capacitive fingerprint identification and 3D infrared facial recognition systems that independently verify a user’s identity – whichever recognizes the user first, unlocks the firearm. It works in a wide variety of conditions, including if a user is wearing gloves or a face covering. Customizable LED indicators show when the gun is armed,” the company wrote.

Biofire says that the weapon locks once it is no longer being held by an approved user: “The firearm immediately locks when it leaves an authorized user’s hand. Integrated IR sensors in the grip keep the firearm armed while an authorized user is holding the gun, removing a need to continuously authenticate their biometrics.”

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