The legend of America’s socialist sweetheart Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has taken numerous hits over her ridiculous Green New Deal fantasy but she remains one of the most visible examples of our disturbed culture in these dark and twisted times.

Plucked by obscurity thanks to a freakish primary win against a machine Democrat that nobody saw coming, the telegenic 29-year-old quickly became a media superstar and has been able to amass a mighty Twitter following that has arguably made her into the most powerful member of Congress.

There is the matter of arrogance, the ongoing proclivity for making asinine statements and a very thin-skin which fuels her shoot-from-the-hip 280 character missives on the liberal-dominated microblogging platform.

While Twitter may be the primary source of the power which she has used to enchant millions while bullying others into submission, it is also a place where those who see her as a poseur, an entitled brat or in the words of the co-founder of Greenpeace a “pompous little twit” to have some fun at her expense.