Creepy liberal did not like being called out on camera

Source: Kelen McBreen

A man shopping at an Oregon Walmart confronted another guy for allegedly taking pictures of him and his young daughter.

Upon being called out on camera for creepily snapping pics of the father and daughter, the man said he did it so he can “stay alive.”

The masked guy blamed his fear of Covid for the uncalled-for photography.

The father followed the man around and recorded as he repeatedly asked, “Why were you taking pictures of me and my daughter? Tell me, with your six masks. Can you just tell me?”

“To stay alive,” the liberal guy answered while scurrying away.

Next, the angry dad filmed the creeper at the checkout stand and the guy stepped back and said, “Can you please stay away and wear a mask please.”

The father asked, “So, you think it’s okay to take pictures of my little girl?”

“I took a picture because you weren’t wearing a mask, I deleted it,” the man responded.

Walmart employees showed up and supposedly asked him to leave the store, but the liberal man was so afraid of Covid that he had to duck and dodge other shoppers while sprinting out of the building.

Following the incident, the father, David Medina, posted the video on social media and the clip quickly went viral and racked up millions of views.