Pelosi says she has ‘spring in my step’

Hillary Celebrates Trump Impeachment Coup

Source: Steve Watson |

Hillary Clinton fired off a celebratory tweet Thursday, a rarity for someone who has spent the vast majority of the past three years facing crushing defeat and rejection.

The ‘crooked’ one said that Democrats should “feel proud” of their efforts and “keep going,” presumably meaning do everything they can to remove Trump from office in a bogus fashion because they cannot win an election.

The bitter two-time presidential loser was following up on a tweet earlier in the week claiming Americans get to “determine who our leaders are” – despite House Dems literally attempting to overthrow the will of the American voters.

Nancy Pelosi joined Hillary in celebrating Thursday, saying that she has “a spring in my step”, and ridiculously claiming that the impeachment move has bipartisan support.

Democrats can hardly contain their joy at their meaningless charade, having to be restrained by Pelosi when they began to applaud as the impeachment passed the House.

Meanwhile, Trump is actually getting important legislation passed.