Secret Service: Hillary Clinton Behaved Like A Demon ...


Hillary Clinton was ordered to appear in court and testify under oath to Judicial Watch, the team of patriotic lawyers hell-bent on getting at the truth, however the former secretary of state is refusing to appear, stating that she has an “indisputable right” not to appear in court for her May 16th testimony.

Hillary Clinton “was ordered deposed in a Judicial Watch FOIA case seeking the Benghazi talking points, the case that exposed the Clinton email scandal,” said Tom Fitton.

However, in resisting her court-ordered testimony before Judicial Watch’s top-flight attorneys, Clinton filed a mandamus petition two weeks ago, a motion akin to “suing the lower court by getting the appellate court involved to stop the court from doing something ‘improper’.”

Her “desperate attempt” to avoid in-depth questioning by Judicial Watch attorneys was ‘justified’ by her lawyers as the upholding of an “indisputable right” to not appear in court for her May 16th testimony.

Judicial Watch report: According to Fitton, her lawyers’ petition practically states that “she’s too important to have to testify to us [Judicial Watch].

Shes desperate to stop this quetioning by Judicial Watch because no one has asked her questions like this before,” Fitton continues.

I encourage you to read the court order,” Fitton states, “you’ll understand why she’s desperate to avoid questioning by our top-flight attorneys.

Read it here.

We know what the issues are, and the court wants specific questions answered, but now she’s seeking this extraordinary emergency intervention to stop us.

So my question is: what is the Justice Department going to do about all this?,” Fitton remarks. So far, “they’ve been defending her. They opposed our questioning of Mrs. Clinton. So what are you they going to do about this?

Only time will tell, but Justice Department or not, Judicial Watch’s progress as an organization is the reason “you should support our work,” Fitton affirms. “We do the works that others are afraid to do,” and as Fitton has so often stated “we will get to the bottom of this.”

Ultimately, as Americans “we have this precious right to petition our government and be on equal footing with the most power agencies in the history of the world.. a wonderful vindication of our way of life here in the United States.”

Let’s make sure we use that right.