Posted BY: Adan Salazar

Homeowner suspects he’s being targeted by HOA over anti-Biden political views.’I am a veteran. I did take an oath to this country. I believe freedom of speech should be everywhere.’

A veteran in a Las Vegas suburb says his free speech rights are being violated by his neighborhood HOA, which has barred him from flying pro-Trump flags and displaying an anti-Biden bumper sticker on his truck.

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Speaking to Fox 5 Las Vegas, a Henderson resident identified as Chris described how the Central Park Estates HOA threatened to take legal action against him if he didn’t remove the flags and “Let’s Go Brandon” decal.

“They said I had to take it down because it was a sign or a billboard,” Chris said of his bumper sticker.

According to the man, a lawyer for the HOA threatened to file a complaint against him over the flags for violating a rule regarding political yard signs, which are supposed to be removed after voting season ends.

So he resorted to a jumbo “Let’s Go Brandon!” decal, which the HOA is now saying also violates bylaws. The phrase is a popular anti-Joe Biden slogan spawned after a reporter misrepresented a NASCAR audience’s chants of “F**k Joe Biden.”

“I figured with all the stickers that I have on my truck that I put a sticker on there saying it’s a bumper sticker, and then they violated me again saying that it was a nuisance or obnoxious, that it’s profanity and they don’t want it in this neighborhood.”

“It makes me feel upset,” he told reporters. “I am a veteran. I did take an oath to this country. I believe freedom of speech should be everywhere.”

Moreover, the homeowner believes the HOA is stretching their interpretation of its bylaws by claiming he’s engaged in a “noxious or offensive trade… which may be or may become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.”

“They say it is an obnoxious trader activity which in my mind is more of setting up a lemonade stand as a trader activity,” the homeowner argued. “This is just a sticker on a vehicle.”

Chris suspects he’s being targeted by the HOA over his anti-Biden political views.

“It doesn’t matter what your opinion is,” he said. “Everyone should be able to express it without somebody getting upset.”

After being threatened with $100 fines for each week he violates the ordinance, Chris now backs his vehicle into his driveway and removes his tailgate, but he said he’s hopeful the HOA will soon come to its senses and restore his right to free speech.