Hollywood Celeb Winona Ryder Says Trump Has Made Life a ...


Hollywood celebrity Winona Ryder attacked President Donald Trump and his administration while promoting new HBO series The Plot Against America, saying that the past few years have been like “a mind boggling like nightmare” for her.

Ryder, who was convicted of shoplifting thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from a Saks Fifth Avenue store in 2002, told Variety at the show’s red carpet premiere that she decided to work on the project because the story is “so incredibly timely.”

Based on the Philip Roth novel, The Plot Against America imagines an alternative history of the US where aviator Charles Lindbergh won the presidential election of 1940 and ushered in a fascist “America first” regime in which Jews and minorities are persecuted.

Breitbart report: The limited series, which premieres on HBO on March 16, co-stars Zoe Kazan and John Turturro.

Ryder said working on the series made her want to “speak out” and “do whatever I can” against the Trump administration.

“Obviously a lot has been weighing on all of our minds. The whole fear of ‘the other’ in the eyes of fascism, what’s happening at the border, all of that is so outrageous and I think the last few years has been such a mind boggling like nightmare in so many ways,” Ryder told Variety.

“When I think about this project, it makes me want to speak out and do whatever I can and the way to do that right now is to vote.”