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What just happened to our country?

We have elitist bureaucrats taking away more of our freedoms by the day over this coronavirus pandemic.
And we can’t even trust their faulty models — that are forever changing.
And we can’t trust the numbers either!

Now officials in Louisville are placing ankle monitors on coronavirus patients.

Via Just The News:

Some residents of Louisville, Kentucky’s largest city, have been fitted with GPS tracking bracelets after refusing to stay at home following exposure to the coronavirus. The city is threatening to charge them criminally if they leave their houses before their mandatory isolation has expired.

Local officials have been working to contain the spread of the disease, which has been confirmed in more than 800 residents in Kentucky.

Three residents of a single household in Louisville were ordered to self-quarantine for at least a week after one of the inhabitants tested positive for the disease. When they refused, the city clamped ankle monitors to them in order to track their whereabouts.