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There are many things to love about living in a rural area. For starters, it offers homeowners the opportunity to reconnect with nature. More trees and less traffic also mean clean air and quiet surroundings. Unfortunately, the same seclusion that makes rural living so attractive can make you a prime target for a home invasion.

Naturally, if your nearest neighbor is miles away or your home is surrounded by trees, you would have a hard time calling for help or running to safety. Therefore, you should take the necessary measures to keep yourself safe and your home protected even if you are several miles away from the nearest police station.

On that note, here are five things you can do to secure your property if you live in a rural area: (h/t to

1. Regularly inspect your property

If you have a big property, inspect your grounds on a regular basis. Check for footprints or any discarded items, trash, surveillance equipment or anything out of the ordinary.

If you have fences around your property, inspect them for damages or signs of forced entry. Consider replacing wooden posts with steel ones and wooden slates with corrugated tin. You can also install barbed wire on top of your fences for added measure.

2. Monitor your property with video security

Install a 24-hour video security system on your property to closely monitor points of entry and the perimeter. You can then easily review the footage at the end of the day to check for any lurkers or trespassers. If you end up catching someone with the footage, you already have evidence against them if anything goes wrong.

Some rural properties use motion-activated cameras that start recording whenever it detects movement from the surroundings, whether it’s a postal carrier delivering a package or a trespasser approaching your property from the woods.

3. Install a smart lighting system

If your home is surrounded by a thick tree line, it can be difficult to spot approaching trespassers at night. Do not let them use the darkness to their advantage.

Increase your home’s security by installing a smart lighting system, preferably one that has indoor and outdoor capabilities. One of the best things about a smart lighting system is you can easily control it via a mobile application on your smartphone. This way, you can manage the lights on your property even while you’re away. With a smart lighting system, you can also schedule the lights to turn on and off at specific times.

4. Install an in-home security system

Aside from securing your property with 24-hour video and smart lighting systems, you can further increase the security of your home with an in-home security system. You can activate it every night before going to bed or if you’ll be away.

If someone attempts to enter your home, the security system will be triggered, and it will notify a contracted security company. The company will then contact the appropriate law enforcement agencies if needed.

5. Keep self-defense weapons in your home

Even with security systems in place, never discount the possibility of a break-in. If the trespasser was somehow able to break into your home, you should be able to protect yourself. To ensure this, keep self-defense weapons in your home. Whether it’s a legally owned gun or pepper spray, you should keep a non-lethal or lethal weapon in your home at all times so you can use something when worse comes to worst.

Be sure to keep your self-defense weapons in a safe location, one that can’t be easily accessed by children. (Related: 5 Everyday items you can use to protect yourself in a dangerous situation.) has more articles about self-defense and prepping.