America First Legal obtained the documents via the Freedom of Information Act

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America First Legal (AFL) has released documents obtained from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) showing that the agency has conducted programs that characterize white people and conservative values as tilting towards radicalism.

An internal memo (pdf) dated Jan. 29, 2021—just nine days after Biden was sworn in as the president—talks about a “Choose Your Own Adventure” game-like training exercise. The exercise details five storylines, called “story branches,” that put forward scenarios involving fictional radicalized characters.

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The main characters of four story branches are visually portrayed as white individuals who are presented as slowly slipping into violent radicalism on issues like abortion and government control, among others.

The exercise participants put themselves as a third party in these storylines to make decisions about how they will deal with the radicalization.

Story Branch 1 is about a white high school student named Jamie who has a couple of conflicts with Asif, who is from an ethnic minority. In one incident, Jamie shoves Asif into a locker. In another incident, Jamie hurls racial epithets against Asif. In a third incident, Jamie is characterized as yelling at his girlfriend and flashing a gun.

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