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Will liberals never learn?

The discovery of what appeared to be a noose in a tree outside a San Francisco Bay Area Kaiser Permanente medical office last month stirred up no end of angst as Kaiser officials issued a handwringing statement about the “disgust” and “anguish” the facility’s staff had experienced.

Now, it’s probably more like “humiliation” and “embarrassment.”

As just about anyone who’s followed the news of suspected nooses lately might have guessed, the “noose” that turned up outside the office in Gilroy, California, was not the “painful and triggering symbol of the history of violence against African Americans in the United States,” Kaiser officials described.

In fact, it was a harmless piece of rope, left in the tree by a tree trimmer who’d used it to climb the tree to cut branches and leaves that were too high to reach from the ground. Granted, there is a portion of the rope in the shape of a “noose,” but the rest doesn’t look like a rope meant for hanging. In fact, it looks a good deal like there’s climbing being done.

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It’s an utterly innocuous explanation for an incident that was blown out of all proportion by executives in the Pavlovian atmosphere of the United States in the 21st century, where the boogeyman of “white supremacy” is hiding behind every bush and tree that needs trimming in the country.

Check out KRON-TV’s initial, ominous coverage of the discovery:

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