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(Natural News) The hospitals in Virginia are full, with nearly every room occupied, including the emergency rooms, and even portable cots in the halls are becoming the norm for the overflow. As witnessed by investigative reporters and journalists, several hospitals in major cities of Virginia are fully past capacity, so not only is every room occupied but many portable cots, with patients on them, are lined up in along the walls of the long halls and numbered.

It’s like a horror scene from a pandemic movie, and people are walking up and down the halls while patients are sleeping on cots with IV tubes in their arms, with people around them coughing and sneezing and carrying on about the bad conditions. It’s most likely a fire hazard also, with hardly enough staff members to assist the overflow of patients if an emergency evacuation situation should arise. One can only guess at the reasons for the mobbing of hospitals right now, but complaints can be heard in the waiting rooms, and at the check-in desk in the emergency rooms.

Patients are lined up for check-in, complaining of chest pains, high blood pressure, trouble breathing, and other symptoms that all seem to relate to spike protein syndrome – a critical illness caused by millions of prions that clog the vascular system and strain the heart and cleansing organs.

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