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(Natural News) Earlier this week, the Dept. of Energy announced a breakthrough in “hot” nuclear fusion: A net gain of energy from the fusion experiment at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. covered the story and falsely reported, ” It’s the first time humankind has achieved this landmark.”

I say CNBC “falsely” reported this because hot fusion technology has been in existence for many years (see the Lockheed Martin patent below for starters). It was kept under wraps because hot fusion energy would provide extremely low-cost electricity for the masses while gutting the fossil fuels industry whose existence is necessary for US dollar hegemony (see full explanation below). Hot fusion, in other words, had to be suppressed in order to maintain oil dominance — and petrodollar dominance — in the global economy.

Why oil-based global energy is critical to the survival of the US empire and its weaponized dollar currency

Remember that US global economic dominance is based largely on the petrodollar status, meaning that Saudi Arabia sells oil in dollars and no other currency. That’s about to change dramatically, by the way, thanks to BRICS nations rolling out a new world reserve currency to replace the dollar, but that’s another article altogether. (The Saudis are shifting their loyalty to China while rejecting America. This will accelerate in 2023.)

Without oil and the petrodollar status being recognized by OPEC countries, the dollar loses its standing as the world reserve currency. Put another way, if hot fusion is allowed to replace hydrocarbon energy, dollar hegemony collapses and the US empire no longer wields its most powerful weapon for global coercion: The weaponized dollar currency (which is backed by nothing other than the threat of international terror from the United States and its military… just ask the citizens of Libya or Iraq).

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