Allows more time to negotiate with 20 GOP holdouts

Posted BY: Teresa | NwoReport

(WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – The House voted to adjourn and delay the next round of votes for House speaker after Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) failed to win the support needed after the 11th round of voting.

The vote to recess until noon Friday, to allow more time for McCarthy to negotiate with the 20 members of his party standing between him and the speaker’s gavel, follows a highly contentious adjournment vote Wednesday night. Despite major concessions, talks with the conservative hard-liners didn’t result in a deal that could get McCarthy to 218 votes, but in a promising sign for McCarthy, his allies appear to have made progress Thursday evening on an agreement with detractors.

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Democrats have been whipping against adjourning, and the vote Wednesday night to push the next vote until Thursday nearly failed when four of the rebel GOP lawmakers joined with them. None of those McCarthy holdouts voted against adjournment on Thursday, with the vote passing 219-213.

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