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House Democrats, including US Rep. Don “Doug” Beyer from Virginia, have reintroduced a bill proposing an onerous 1,000% excise tax on the sale of “large capacity ammunition feeding devices and semiautomatic assault weapons.” The legislation, represented by HR 5135, aims to curb gun violence by making these firearms financially inaccessible. A similar bill was introduced by Beyer last year, raising concerns about its potential impact on middle and working-poor Americans while potentially allowing only affluent individuals and criminals to afford such weapons. The proposed rule could result in semiautomatic rifles costing over $20,000, which Beyer argues would help mitigate the “epidemic of gun violence.

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“However, critics argue that handguns are more commonly used in criminal activities, making the proposed tax ineffective in addressing the root cause. Gun Owners of America’s Director of Federal Affairs, Aidan Johnston, deems the legislation unconstitutional and a potential backdoor gun ban. Critics also note that such a tax could drive more Americans towards privately making firearms through alternative means, like 3D printing and home-built kits, undermining the intent of the bill. The ongoing debate underscores the divide over gun control measures in the US during a period of heightened political sensitivity surrounding firearms regulations.