‘So why does Joe Biden continue to demand the COVID-19 national emergency be extended? The answer is simple, to force Americans to live under extreme measures that deprive us of our freedoms… ‘

Posted BY: Bill | NwoReport

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(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) In an effort to extend the COVID control scheme for as long as possible, President Joe Biden on Thursday delayed until May calling an official end to the pandemic that the public and myriad medical officials have moved past.

Specifically, Biden peered into the regime’s monarchal Magic 8-Ball and decreed the COVID pandemic to officially end on May 11, allegedly providing the nation’s healthcare system further time to avoid devolving into “chaos and uncertainty,” according to the Office of Management and Budget’s “Statement of Administration Policy.”

Biden’s pronouncement would also scheme to impact the Trump-era Title 42 immigration policy, which the administration has repeatedly attempted to lift and allows immigration officials to expedite the expulsion of illegal immigrants because of health concerns. The policy’s termination was put on hold by the Supreme Court until it hears arguments from GOP-majority states.

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