Biden and his team “recognize that this is weakness on the global stage,” says Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.).”I don’t really understand why this thing was allowed to come into the United States airspace.”

Posted BY: Kara | NwoReport

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.) stated that the Biden administration never briefed him about the Chinese spy balloon flying over the continental U.S.

Fox News’ “Fox News @ Night” host Trace Gallagher asked Green on Friday, “Are you getting any information, sir, from the Pentagon about the specifics or anything else about this balloon?”

Green responded, “No. We’re getting very little and we never got a phone call. We never got alerted to this. It’s a crying shame when the Chairman of Homeland Security finds out about a Chinese spy balloon flying over the United States, it’s just — it’s really unconscionable.”

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Gallagher later asked Green why the Biden White House, which constantly describes itself as the most transparent administration, is stonewalling members of Congress on the Chinese spy balloon.

“What’s the reasoning, what’s the rationale behind not telling us more about this, giving us more information, Congressman? Did they think we wouldn’t find out about this?” Gallagher asked. “What’s the working theory right now about why this administration that consistently says transparency, transparency, transparency won’t give us any kind of information?”

Green replied that the Biden regime it tight-lipped about the incident because they’re “ashamed of their actions.”

“They recognize that this is weakness on the global stage,” Green said. “But they seem to think that that’s what’s best. Don’t poke Xi Jinping, we don’t want to make Xi Jinping mad at us. Look, the guy has got a spy balloon over our country. This is unacceptable. And I don’t really understand why this thing was allowed to come into the United States’ airspace.”

The Pentagon ruled out shooting down the spy balloon over Montana, claiming the debris would pose a risk to civilians.

When asked Saturday how his administration would respond to the balloon floating over the U.S., Joe Biden simply replied, “We’re gonna take care of it.”

Beijing claimed Saturday the balloon was simply a civilian meteorological weather balloon that drifted off course and that critics are just trying to “smear China.”

The CCP spy balloon is currently floating over North Carolina as of this writing.