Posted BY: Fred T

The $1.7 trillion behemoth spending smorgasbord Mitch McConnell is so proud of has passed the House. The bill gets through before the Republican majority has the power, thanks to the betrayal of the party and the United States by the cowardly Senate Republicans.

The bill is rife with earmarks, pork, wokeism, excessive foreign aid, voting law changes, and worse. The press has echoed every Democrat lie and a talking point as gospel because we live in a country ruled by disinformation from the anti-American fake news MSM Marxists.

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Make no mistake, this is a disaster. “We’re spending money we don’t have,” as Chip Roy explained on the House floor this morning, yelling at the perpetrators to, “go home and sell your projects, go home and talk about all the pork you’re bringing home. But you’re destroying the United States of America, absolutely destroying this body.”

“Everything the American people is watching right now is a complete sham,” he said. “It’s a fraud, a fraud being perpetrated on the American people right before their eyes, right as we head into Christmas.”

This garbage is becoming a December tradition thanks to Mitch.