Posted BY: Jim Hoft

Just the News founder John Solomon joined Jason Chaffetz on Hannity Wednesday night to discuss a new report implicating Nancy Pelosi in the failed US Capitol security on January 6.

According to the report, House Republicans have collected emails and text messages implicating Pelosi in the failed security situation at the US Capitol that day.

Recall, it was President Donald Trump who recommended 10,000 National Guard troops at the US Capitol on Jan. 6. Pelosi turned him down.

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It was never Trump’s fault. It was always Pelosi’s fault.

She was too lining up the film crews who were going to come to film her that day. She had that set up beforehand as if she knew something big was going to be taking place.

Via Just The News.

House Republicans gathered a trove of text and email messages showing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office was directly involved in the creation and editing of the Capitol security plan that failed during the Jan. 6, 2021 riot and that security officials later declared they had been “denied again and again” the resources needed to protect one of the nation’s most important homes of democracy.

The internal communications were made public Wednesday in a report compiled by Republican Reps. Rodney Davis, Jim Banks, Troy Nehls, Jim Jordan and Kelly Armstrong that encompasses the results of months of investigation they did of evidence that had been ignored by the Democrat-led Jan. 6 committee. The lawmakers were authorized by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to do their own probe.

The report concludes the Capitol was left vulnerable on Jan. 6 as a result of failures by the Democratic leadership in the House and law enforcement leaders in the Capitol Police who allowed concerns about the “optics” of having armed officers and National Guardsmen visible to the public to override the need for enhanced security.

“Leadership and law enforcement failures within the U.S. Capitol left the complex vulnerable on January 6, 2021. The Democrat-led investigation in the House of Representatives, however, has disregarded those institutional failings that exposed the Capitol to violence that day,” it concluded.

John Solomon went on Hannity on Wednesday night to discuss the new report.