Framework outlines how to “protect children from far-left ideologies like the transgender movement and racist ideology in their schools.”Also lays out plan to overhaul oppressive welfare and tax policies that “discourage family formation.”

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House Republicans have released a framework detailing a 10-point plan to “restore the American family” in anticipation of regaining the majority after the midterms.

The “Restoring the American Family Principles” proposal, drafted by the Republican Study Committee headed by Rep. Jim Banks (Ind.) on Thursday, explains that the current cultural climate in America discourages healthy families and creates a dependency on the welfare state.

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From the introduction:

Strong families are the cornerstone of a strong republic. In recent years, worrying trends have accelerated and now demand immediate attention from policymakers. Birth rates have hit all-time lows. The number of marriages has dipped precipitously too. Growing numbers of American children are raised in single-parent homes—or even worse, with neither parent present. Meanwhile, many parents struggle to find stable, dignified, and prosperous work, increasing the pressure of the ‘two-income family’ trap.

Can a nation with fewer births than ever before be pro-life? Can a country be prosperous, if the traditional single-earner model is an unattainable luxury? Is American meritocracy alive and well, if over half of children are raised in family structures that disadvantage them at birth? Supporting strong families should be the benchmark for conservative policymakers in both social and economic policy. If we ignore these trends, the American experiment will be undermined.

The first big step in the plan is to “protect children from far-left ideologies like the transgender movement and racist ideology in their schools” and “other influences that cause trauma, endanger children’s health or otherwise blunt their development into functional adult citizens.”

Points two, three, and four deal with the economic challenges families face, calling for “policies that give working families flexibility in where and how they earn a living,” and deal with childcare without the constraints of “overbearing government mandates.”

Point five proposes eliminating policies that “discourage family formation” in terms of marriage and tax policies.

“Furthermore, federal policy should never discriminate against working, two-parent families that make a financial sacrifice so that one parent can remain at home to care for young children,” the framework reads.

Point six addresses the welfare system’s “cycle of dependency”, proposing new policies that “should not remove families from participation in larger society; every child needs to grow up with at least one working parent as a role model.”

The last four points address school choice, curriculum transparency, reorienting the student loan system so it doesn’t “cripple” young families, and “reforming the foster care and adoption system.”

“The root of many of our nation’s greatest challenges is the rapid erosion of strong families. By empowering parents and investing in America’s children, we allow prosperity for future generations,” RSC Chairman Banks said.

“If we want to protect and strengthen our nation, conservatives in Congress must be committed to promoting a pro-family agenda when Republicans win back the House.”

Republicans are heavily favored to take back the House and possibly even the Senate in the midterms as Joe Biden and the Democrats struggle to mitigate inflation, rising fuel costs, the war in Ukraine, and supply chain breakdowns, while pushing for extreme unconstitutional policies like abolishing the Second Amendment.

Read the Restoring the American Family Principles framework: