Posted BY: Ian MacConnell

Few events in recent memory dominated the news, pushing all else aside, the way the vote for Speaker of the House did last week.  It was historic, being the first time since 1856 that the issue wasn’t decided on the first ballot. In the fifteenth round of voting this past Friday night, Kevin McCarthy finally squeaked out a win to become the 55th Speaker of the House after important compromises were reached with twenty GOP holdouts.  Let’s call these holdouts the ‘Freedom Caucus Twenty.’

During this week-long process, we saw a long, tiresome parade of politicians, reporters, and news commentators ranting away about the Freedom Caucus Twenty with the most ill-considered, intemperate language.  I know, Democrats do that all the time — I’m talking about Republicans and ‘conservatives’ in this case.

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We got a candid look at some of our representatives, seeing what really matters to them. We also got a look at the character of people in the conservative movement we thought we could trust. It was ugly, but educational. Ignored, or not understood, by these clueless yappers is what the Freedom Caucus Twenty means to normal, beleaguered American voters. There is a hand-made sign on Main St. in the town next to mine that plaintively asks, ‘Won’t someone please stand up and save our country?’ I get choked up every time I think of it. It captures the sorrow, the loss of hope, and the utter helplessness felt by so many American voters. 

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