Source: Daily mail

Chris Cuomo’s colleagues in the liberal media have turned on him in the wake of bombshell records revealing how he conspired with his brother’s team to undermine sexual harassment accusers, and are now among those calling for him to be fired.   

Cuomo returned to the CNN anchor chair last night for his show and ignored the revelations that emerged in transcripts and exhibits released by Attorney General Letitia James hours earlier. 

They included texts he had sent to his brother, former Governor Andrew Cuomo, and his aides like Melissa DeRosa, where he not only advised him on how to weather his sex pest scandal, but drafted statements for the team and used his CNN contacts to find out more about his accusers. 

CNN said yesterday that Cuomo’s fate would be decided in the next few days, once its bosses and lawyers have had a chance to review all of the documents. 

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