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The incredible story of the four children aged one to 13 who survived 40 days alone in the rainforest after a plane crash that killed their mother has captured the world’s attention.  

Miraculously, the children were not hurt, suffering only insect bites, dehydration, and malnourishment before they were found and rescued by the Colombian military after an enormous search. 

This achievement is all the more impressive given that the Amazon rainforest is home to all kinds of dangerous wildlife, including jaguars, pumas, snakes, and other predators, as well as armed groups that smuggle drugs and terrorize local populations. 

The siblings, Lesly, 13, Soleiny, nine, Tien Noriel, four, and baby Cristin who had his first birthday while lost in the rainforest, are from the Huitoto Indigenous group and will have employed a variety of survival techniques to keep themselves alive. 

The children’s story has wowed the world and here MailOnline takes a look at how they survived a whopping 40 days in the wild – without any adults to help. 

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