Posted BY: Michael Applebaum, M.D.

Apparently, the American College of Surgeons (ACS) has taken the lead in accelerating progress toward Personalized Health Care.

So we are on the same page, let us use this definition of Personalized Health Care (emphasis in the original):

Personalized health care (PHC) is an overarching framework for care that unifies predictive technologies with an engaged patient to coordinate care with the primary aim of promoting health and preventing disease. PHC focuses on patient-centered health care, personalized health planning (PHP), shared decision-making, and patient engagement. It seeks to remedy spending on chronic care by encouraging healthy behavior and planning.

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It looks as if the American College of Surgeons has chosen to advance PHC by suggesting, if not requiring, that to accomplish the above benefits, the racial likeness between provider and patient is necessary.

Tucker Carlson interviewed a plastic surgeon from Florida, one Richard Bosshardt.  According to the doc:

The ACS leadership went to war against itself. … It declared the ACS … to be structurally racist. It also went on to say that surgeons are racists and even the practice of surgery is racist.  What this did is, it produced a type of messaging that now states that, as you clearly put, it’s best if patients are treated by surgeons of their own race.

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