Source:  Patty McMurray

Twitter is, without question, the most highly censored social media platform for conservatives.  Conservative users with large followings on Twitter, like 100 Percent Fed Up and The Gateway Pundit, were removed from Twitter for reporting 100% true stories about voter fraud. To be clear, Twitter removed our 100 Percent Fed Up account without ever receiving a single violation from Twitter.

For the past 3-4 years, Twitter has removed any trace of pro-life activists and journalists from their platform. They’ve banned anyone who spoke out against election fraud in the 2020 election or questioned COVID lockdowns, the safety or efficacy of the COVID jab,  or alternative cures for COVID. So while Twitter was erasing conservatism from their platform, they were simultaneously handing out “blue check” marks to some of the meanest, most hateful leftists in America.

When “comedian” Kathy Gifford, who famously held a bloodied and decapitated Donald Trump head up for the cameras, venues across America canceled her engagements—she had clearly crossed a line. Twitter allowed her to keep her account. When other celebrities used Twitter to wish death or harm on President Trump, his family, and his supporters,  Twitter looked the other way. But when Kathy Gifford was diagnosed with cancer, large numbers of conservatives put politics aside and tweeted out prayers and wishes for her recovery.

Independent journalist, outspoken free-speech advocate, and former Republican congressional candidate Laura Loomer is one of the most hated women in Democrat Party circles.

Yesterday, Loomer messaged about contracting COVID on GETTR and asked for prayers:

“Blue check” liberals responded with abject hatred:

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