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Over the course of the pandemic, we examined so many stories of people that were found to be defrauding the COVID relief programs that I lost count. The Paycheck Protection Program was one of the funds most commonly plundered. The recurring question during that entire period was what the eventual total of all the losses would end up being. Now the Associated Press has dug into some of the details. We still don’t have a final figure and likely never will. But it’s definitely in the hundreds of billions… with a “B.”

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Fraudsters used the Social Security numbers of dead people and federal prisoners to get unemployment checks. Cheaters collected those benefits in multiple states. And federal loan applicants weren’t cross-checked against a Treasury Department database that would have raised red flags about sketchy borrowers.

Criminals and gangs grabbed the money. But so did a U.S. soldier in Georgia, the pastors of a defunct church in Texas, a former state lawmaker in Missouri and a roofing contractor in Montana.

All of it led to the greatest grift in U.S. history, with thieves plundering billions of dollars in federal COVID-19 relief aid intended to combat the worst pandemic in a century and to stabilize an economy in free fall.

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