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Russia has launched a surprise inspection of its Pacific Fleet, and a video posted on Twitter shows some of Russia’s ships in the Pacific going underway for military exercises.

The U.S. military has long been focused on China’s Navy and other armed forces as its primary challenge in the Indo-Pacific region, but Russia’s naval drills serve as a reminder that it can project combat power in the Pacific Ocean as well.

The Defense Department declined to provide any information about the age and capabilities of Russian ships, submarines, and aircraft that operate in the Pacific.

“While we routinely monitor Russian naval activity around the world, we are not able to provide intelligence assessments of their disposition or capabilities,” said Army Maj. Charlie Dietz, a Pentagon spokesman.

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Russia has spent many years modernizing its Pacific Fleet since it fell into disrepair in the aftermath of the Soviet Union’s dissolution, according to Indo-Pacific expert Blake Herzinger, a research fellow at the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, Australia.

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