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China has embedded itself in more than 150 cities across the United States where Beijing is targeting local politicians to expand the Chinese Communist Party’s espionage network, according to a Republican senator.

China has built these networks by exploiting the United States’ sister city initiative, a nationwide program that teams up American communities with foreign partners to promote cultural exchange and increase diplomacy. But China, which maintains 157 of these partnerships, is using the network to groom young American political leaders, push propaganda, and embed its spy apparatus in local governments, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R., Tenn.) told the Washington Free Beacon.

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“They have used the sister city programs as a way to target local leaders in communities around the globe,” Blackburn told the Free Beacon. “We know this is part of the way they use their spy network, working at the local level, so that they’re building those relationships and friendships with people they deem as future leaders. They want to have that toehold with local individuals.”

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