Posted BY: Jack Gleason

Imagine a Super Bowl where the Reds were ahead 27-25 with a minute to go. All of a sudden, the power went out in the entire stadium. When the lights came on after a couple of minutes of chaos, fans noticed the scoreboard showed 27-29.

Anyone witnessing such an event would be beyond outraged. Sports are supposed to be about “may the best team win,” and referees and officials are supposed to be neutral. Videotape and remote judges are used to evaluate disputed plays.

If people felt the game was fixed, or that officials wouldn’t even comment about suspicious activity, then no one would watch professional football again.

So why is it that multiple unusual occurrences in a nationwide election are ignored and voters are expected to just accept the results they are given?

In Dallas, Texas there are reports of hundreds of votes being added at poll closing time.

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A Democrat in New Hampshire was awarded 1,106 votes in a town with about 700 people.

Why is Maricopa County, Arizona the only place in the country where there is no chain of custody for mail-in ballots? In the same county, an elections clerk claimed that uncounted “Slot 3” ballots were mixed in with already counted ballots.

In Maryland, there were 1,000 votes left to count in a House race, but overnight 10,000 votes were added, leading to a Democrat victory.

In Santa Clara, California, a bag of mail-in ballots was found deep in a ravine.

Adam Laxalt in the Nevada Senate race had a lead Thursday night.

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