Posted BY: Bill Kassel

The Soviet Union was a huge and diverse empire. It was also the control center of the International Communist Movement. It embraced hundreds of ethnic communities, national identities, and racial groups. It was the very essence of multiculturalism.

Yet, on great state occasions, whenever you saw party leaders reviewing those dazzling Soviet parades of goose-stepping troops and sophisticated weaponry, who was standing atop Lenin’s Tomb?

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A bunch of old, fat White guys. No diversity. No inclusion. No sharing of power.

The Communist Party preached a universal brotherhood of the downtrodden masses — “Workers of the world, unite!” — but in reality, it was a closed circle of Russian supremacy. True, Lenin had German, Swedish, and Jewish ancestors, and Stalin was an ethnic Georgian. But both of those monsters built their notorious careers on Russian culture and politics. The movement they created never diverged from that identity.

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