Posted BY: Jay Valentine

Industrial-scale fraud, committed by organized actors, accelerates over time like a drug-resistant bacterium. 

If you want to know how America is going to get screwed in 2024, follow the dough.  That is the Zuckerberg dough. Zuck and pals are spending tens of millions of dollars, not padding voter rolls, not fighting lawsuits, not getting voters out early… they are spending the dough infiltrating and controlling election commissions.

For those who think cleaning the voter rolls and voting early are enough to protect 2024, our data proves you are delusional. The Left is all in controlling election commissions. Expect Kari Lake’s outcome to move from an outlier to a standard outcome in 2024. Election commission fraud, which we coined as sovereign fraud two years ago, has attractive characteristics for the Left. 

It always works — because it is invisible. 

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Election fraud tools are stuck in the 1970s — useless “phantom” and “dead people databases” are out of date a month after being published. Lawsuits make great headlines but achieve little because nobody is going to change an election outcome, no matter how egregious the conduct and powerful the evidence.  A slate of Arizona candidates is the most recent victim.

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