Posted BY: C.S. Boddie

Governor Polis (D) of Colorado is rumored to be interested in running for president.  One wonders if that’s why he appeared before the House Education and Workforce Committee in Congress on February 8, 2023, to testify on education.

It’s not as though Governor Polis would have been asked to speak because Colorado has been doing exceptionally well on education.  It hasn’t.

Chalkbeat Colorado shared how Colorado students were faring in 2022.  It reported that post-pandemic, 59% of third-graders were not meeting or exceeding literacy expectations for their grade level.  Older students were doing worse: only 25 percent of seventh-graders met or exceeded benchmarks in math, and only 33 percent of eighth-graders could do math at grade level, while 60 percent of ninth-graders could not do math at grade level, and literacy scores for older students were lower in most grades.  “Only 40% of ninth graders met or exceeded expectations in math, compared with almost 50% in 2019, a drop of 8.8 percentage points.”

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As for differences between races: “Wide gaps remain between Black and Hispanic students and those from low-income households, on one hand, and their better-off white and Asian peers on the other. Where test score gaps narrowed, it was generally because students who historically performed better instead performed worse.”

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