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A huge explosion has badly damaged a key oil refinery in far eastern Russia in just the latest mystery blast to hit the country’s infrastructure.

The blast struck Angarsk Oil Refinery, near the Siberian city of Irkutsk, around 5.50 am local time Thursday – lighting up the early morning sky with a fireball. 

Two people were killed and five injured in the explosion, which officials say was caused by ‘gas contamination’ of the plant’s equipment though it is unclear whether this was an accident or whether it was sabotaged.

It comes against the backdrop of multiple blasts and fires at locations with links to Russia’s military or oligarchs that many suspect is being orchestrated by Ukraine. 

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The Angarsk refinery produces jet fuel and diesel that can be used by Russia’s military and is owned by oil giant Rosneft, which is owned by Putin ally Igor Sechin.

It is the second fire in less than a month at the refinery, with an earlier incident reported on 27 November.

Angarsk is located almost 3,000 miles away from the frontlines in Ukraine.

Explosions is the last two weeks rocked Russian energy storage facilities in the Kursk and Bryansk regions, which sit closer to the border with Ukraine.

As happened at Angarsk, the blasts took place in the early-morning hours and focused on energy infrastructure.

Two more explosions hit Russian airbases at Saratov and Ryazan, damaging nuclear-capable bombers being used for attacks on Ukrainian power stations.

Those are thought to have been caused by Ukrainian drones equipped with explosives. The cause of the other blasts in unknown. 

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